2016 Award Recipients

The CNLM presents several highly competitive end-of-the-academic-year awards. Awardees are chosen through a selection process by a special committee appointed by the Director. Awardees may receive each award only once. The purpose, criteria and eligibility requirements for each award are available here.

Here are our winners for 2016:

Alberto Lopez | Renée Harwick Advanced Graduate Student Award Winner. Alberto is a graduate student in Dr. Marcelo Wood’s laboratory.

Terra White | John Haycock Memorial Graduate Student Travel Award Winner. Terra is a graduate student in Dr. John Guzowski’s laboratory.

Dane Clemenson | Roger W. Russell Scholars Award Winner. Dane is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Craig Stark’s laboratory.

Mawaheb Hassan Kassir | Carol Becker McGaugh Award Winner. Mawaheb is an undergraduate student in Dr. Norbert Fortin’s laboratory.

Matthew Tsai | Friends of the CNLM Award Winner. Matthew is an undergraduate student in Dr. Michael Yassa’s laboratory.

Emily Provenzano | Friends of the CNLM Award Winner. Emily is an undergraduate student in Dr. Raju Metherate’s laboratory.

These awards are made possible through the philanthropic support of Dr. Renée Harwick, Roger Russell family and friends, John Haycock family and friends, Jim and Becky McGaugh, and the friends of the CNLM group. The awards provide funds for pursuing training, research, or conference travel opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. We thank our donors for their generosity and are proud of our junior scientists for their hard work and dedication. 


Left to right: Matthew Tsai, Dr. John Guzowski, Emily Provenzano, Mawaheb Hassan Kassir







img_3772Left to right: Dane Clemenson, Alberto Lopez, Dr. John Guzowski, Terra White