Ambassador Program

A major component of the CNLM’s mission is community outreach and education. This year, we are expanding our outreach programs to reach a broader audience, build stronger partnerships and have more impact on our local and regional community. We cannot do this without you!

We are launching the CNLM Ambassador Program this year. CNLM Ambassadors will work to design, execute, and evaluate exciting and rewarding outreach and education activities both on UCI’s campus as well as in K-12 schools, community colleges, non-profit organizations, churches and community centers. We will provide all the tools, training, and other logistical support necessary to ensure your success.

Graduate students, undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff are eligible to become Ambassadors.

If you are interested in becoming a CNLM Ambassador please reach out to Manuella Yassa here:

More information to come!