Friends Awards


Purpose and Criteria: These awards are funded by the membership dues of the CNLM’s Friends support group. The purpose of the awards is to provide financial assistance to students while they perform research in CNLM laboratories over the summer. Awards will be based primarily on evidence of excellence in undergraduate laboratory research and secondarily on academic grades and other activities.

Awards given: Up to three

Eligibility: Continuing current UC Irvine undergraduates who will be doing research in a CNLM Fellow’s or Member’s laboratory at UCI during the summer. The student must be or have been a 199 undergraduate research student or have worked as a volunteer in research in the CNLM Fellow’s or Member’s laboratory for at least one quarter in the academic year. The undergraduate receiving the award ordinarily must have no other scholarship support and must not be receiving compensation from any other UCI source for his/her research work in the CNLM laboratory for summer.

Nomination: (1) The CNLM Fellow who is nominating the student should advise him or her to prepare an application letter, as outlined below; (2) The student must prepare a one page letter including: Name, Year in school and major, Laboratory in which he/she will be working, 199 research experience, Explanation of what he/she will do in the lab, including methods and techniques to be employed; the purpose of the work; and with whom he/she will work, brief comments on long-term aspirations and how working in the laboratory is important to these goals, and an explanation of other commitments for the summer and how this award will enable the student to focus on a research project; (3) The student will give the application letter to the CNLM Fellow or member to submit, along with the Fellow’s recommendation letter; (4) The letter of recommendation from the CNLM Fellow should provide a brief description of the research the student has previously accomplished in the laboratory; the expectations for the summer project; and an assessment of the student’s potential and the opportunity this award will provide. Indicate the number of hours and weeks you expect the student to devote to the project and who will directly supervise him/her.

Presentation: Recipients will be acknowledged at a reception at the CNLM on date TBD. The amount of each award is $1000. Recipients will be required to write a brief report at the end of the summer, so that we may share their experience with the Friends of the CNLM.