McGaugh Award


beckyPurpose and Criteria: This award was established in the School of Biological Science in 2003 by Carol Joyce Becker McGaugh and James L. McGaugh. The award will be presented to an undergraduate student completing the junior year or their second to last year of studies for outstanding research in the neurobiology of learning and memory. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward a student who excels in both scholarship and research, and to support the student in completing research in their senior year.

Eligibility: Must be a UCI undergraduate completing the junior (or second to last) year of studies.

Application: The student must prepare a one page letter including: Name, Year in school and major, Laboratory in which he/she will be working, 199 research experience, Explanation of what he/she will do in the lab, including methods and techniques to be employed; the purpose of the work; and with whom he/she will work, brief comments on long-term aspirations and how working in the laboratory is important to these goals, and an explanation of how this award will enable the student to focus on a research project. The student should give the application letter to the CNLM Fellow to submit, along with the Fellow’s recommendation letter. The letter of recommendation from the CNLM Fellow should provide a brief description of the research the student has previously accomplished in the laboratory; the expectations for the project; and an assessment of the student’s potential and the opportunity this award will provide. Indicate the number of hours and weeks you expect the student to devote to the project and who will directly supervise him/her.

Presentation:  The award will be presented at the School of Biological Sciences Award Ceremony and will be acknowledged at a reception in the CNLM. The award will be $1000. The award is to be used for research and education related expenses that directly benefit the recipient – for example, books, laboratory materials, computers, research-associated travel and conference expenses.