Memory is the bridge to our past and our future

Faculty Fellows and Research Interests

The CNLM brings together faculty from a variety of disciplines who have a particular interest in the brain mechanisms underlying learning and memory. Our thirty-nine faculty Fellows come from UC Irvine (the CNLM's home campus), UCLA, UC San Diego, USC, the Scripps Research Institute and Caltech. These faculty, along with the researchers and students in their laboratories, use a wide range of approaches and techniques to study the phenomenon of learning and memory. Some of our Fellows look at the activities of molecules, some concentrate on cells and how they interact, others look at whole animal behavior. They are piecing together the complicated puzzle of what happens in and to the brain that allows learning and memory to occur.

The research teams in the CNLM are made up of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students and visiting scholars. If you are interested in working in the laboratory of one of the CNLM faculty, we suggest you contact that person directly.

The research done in the CNLM laboratories has enormous implications for the development of treatments for disease and disabilities related to learning and memory. However, our Fellows are primarily basic scientists who do not have clinical practices. For resources on treatment for disease or disabilities, click on Resources on Learning and Memory-related Disabilities.