Memory is the bridge to our past and our future

CNLM Fellows and Members at UC Irvine

Michael Alkire
Mechanisms of memory and anesthesia

Tallie Z. Baram
Molecular and structural mechanisms of Memory; Stress, Epilepsy

Jorge Busciglio
Characterization of the cellular and molecular pathways that lead to neuronal death in Down's syndrome and Alzheimer's disease

Larry Cahill
Neurobiological bases by which emotional arousal sculpts the contents of memory

Susana Cohen-Cory
Synapse formation in the developing nervous system; in vivo imaging studies

Karina Cramer
Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying brain development and plasticity

Steven C. Cramer
Working to understand: stroke, spinal cord injury, and other forms of CNS injury
Timothy Bredy
Molecular basis of learning and memory
Barbara A. Dosher
Structure of information in memory; speed and flexibility of memory access
Norbert J. Fortin
Fundamental neurobiological mechanisms underlying episodic memory, the memory for personal experiences, using behavioral and electrophysiological techniques

Ron D. Frostig
Function, structure, and plasticity of sensory cortex

Sunil P. Gandhi
Plasticity in the neural circuits of the mammalian visual system

John F. Guzowski
Molecular basis of learning and memory in the mammalian brain

Gregory Hickok
Neuroscience of language

Claudia Kawas
Dementia and memory disorders, geriatric neurology, epidemiology

Frank M. LaFerla
Cellular and molecular impact of genes that have been linked to this Alzheimer disease

Michael Leon
How early learning shapes brain development, odor coding

Elizabeth F. Loftus
How facts, ideas, suggestions and other forms of post-event information can modify our memories

Charles Limoli
How oxidative stress, neurogenesis, stem cells, chemobrain, & irradiation affect memory

James L. McGaugh
Roles of stress hormones and brain systems that regulate memory consolidation

Bruce McNaughton
Cellular and computational studies of memory

Raju Metherate
How our brains perceive sounds, Synaptic physiology of auditory cortex

Daniele Piomelli
Function of lipid-derived messengers, with particular emphasis on the endogenous cannabinoids anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol

Steven L. Small
Neurobiology of language and hand-motor systems and the effects of stroke on these systems

Ivan Soltesz
Plasticity of neuronal inhibition, mechanisms of selective neuronal vulnerability

Craig E. Stark, Director
Cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory using fMRI

Oswald Steward
Synapse-specific gene expression: Molecular mechanisms underlying the formation and modification of synaptic connections
Georg F. Striedter
Behavioral neuroscience; evolutionary developmental neurobiology; animal behavior; neuroethology

Leslie M. Thompson
Molecular and biochemical studies of two human genetic disorders, Huntington's disease and achondroplasia

Norman M. Weinberger
Neurobiology of learning and memory, cortical plasticity, auditory system, cholinergic function, music

Marcelo A. Wood
Molecular basis of learning and memory

Michael A. Yassa
Neuroscience of memory in aging and dementia

CNLM Fellows at other institutions

Ralph Adolphs
Cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, neuroscience of emotion, social neuroscience

Stephan G. Anagnostaras
UC San Diego
How memory is produced from the interplay of genes, neural systems, behavior, and cognition.

Michel Baudry
Synaptic plasticity,  mechanisms implicated in the storage of information in cortical structures

Robert E. Clark
UC San Diego
Organization and neurological foundations of learning and memory

Michael S. Fanselow
The nature and function of fear and emotional memories

Joaquin M. Fuster
Mechanisms by which the cortex stores and retains information in working memory

Barbara J. Knowlton
Brain systems involved in higher cognitive functions

Jill Leutgeb
UC San Diego
Organization and neurological foundations of learning and memory

Stefan Leutgeb
UC San Diego
Organization and neurological foundations of learning and memory
Kelsey C. Martin
Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying learning-related synaptic plasticity, especially long-lasting forms of synaptic plasticity

Mark Mayford
Scripps Institute
Cellular and molecular mechanisms in the mammalian brain that control the ability of animals to learn and remember new information

Alcino J. Silva
Molecular, cellular and circuit processes that underlie learning and memory

Larry R. Squire
UC San Diego
Structure and organization of memory in patients with memory disorders and in animal models of human memory

Richard F. Thompson
Localization and analysis of the mechanisms of memory formation, storage and retrieval in the mammalian brain

Brian Wiltgen
UC Davis
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory consolidation