Barclay Public Lecture Series

Beginning in 1995, in an effort to promote public understanding of research on brain and memory, we organized the Distinguished Lecture Series on Brain, Learning and Memory. Public lectures have been held each year since 1995, and attract capacity audiences of community members, professionals and high school and college students. Lectures are held at the Irvine Barclay Theatre (adjacent to the UCI campus) at 4242 Campus Drive, Irvine. Click here for more information on the Barclay Lectures.

Public Lectures in the Community

This year, we will begin a new lecture series to engage our local community in Orange County by bringing our experts to your schools, churches and community centers. Our CNLM Faculty Fellows discuss brain health, recent advances in neuroscience, and applications to your everyday life. They answer your questions and learn from you how to better communicate scientific discovery. We look forward to seeing you in your neighborhood! Please click here for upcoming talks.

Evenings to Remember (E2R)

We established a dinner and lecture series to engage our community supporters, the Friends of the CNLM. The series, named “Evenings to Remember” is supported by the Herklotz Lecture Endowment. The dinner and lecture take place in an intimate setting in the CNLM Herklotz facility and the courtyard in the evening. These events provide an opportunity for our community to interact closely with CNLM faculty and learn about the latest research developments. To receive information on E2R events, you must be a member of the Friends of the CNLM Community Support Group (see below). Attendance is by invitation only. Email memory@uci.edu to inquire.

School tours and visits

CNLM staff and scholars coordinate school tours throughout the year that are critical to the broader impact aims of NSF grants held by CNLM Fellows. Tours of the CNLM are available for students of all levels, including elementary school. The CNLM hosts somewhere between 150-200 students who participate in this program every year. These school tours have been a staple of our outreach to the local community. In recent years, we have also added offsite school visits where graduate students or postdoctoral fellows would visit the classroom and give presentations/demos about brain functions and brain health. To inquire about school tours, please contact us at memory@uci.edu.

Media appearances and coverage

The extraordinary research happening at the CNLM has warranted frequent coverage by media outlets. Our research accomplishments are frequently covered by local and regional print media such as the O.C. Register and Los Angeles Times, national venues such as The New York Times as well as international venues such as The Times and The Guardian. CNLM Fellows have appeared in countless TV and radio interviews. Work at the CNLM has been frequently featured on CBS’s 60 minutes, ABC News’ 20/20, BBC News, and other media.


Neurotimes is the CNLM’s newsletter. To view current and past issues click here. 

Friends of the CNLM

The Friends of the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory is the official support group of the Center. Center Friends enjoy a number of special benefits, including invitations to the Evenings to Remember. Click here to find out more about the Friends of the CNLM and get involved.